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Mega vape store is the world’s largest online vape shop market. We sell the latest and highest quality disposables. Buy Baked bars, Gold Coast Clear Carts, Fryd Extracts, Packman disposables and more.

Baked Bars

Baked bar vape is a new disposable that was released in 2022. The purity of the oil is of the highest purity. Though still new the baked bar disposable is already competing with a lot of established disposable brands in the market such as Jeeter, Fryd and many more. The baked bar vape team created 10 unique flavors, some hybrid, indica and sativa. This was to ensure that there was something for everyone.


Gold Coast Clear is one of the OG Disposables in the vaping industry. The were first released around 2015. During 2022 due to the influx of many other disposables in the vape industry such as fryd extracts. The gold coast clear team decided to launch another collection. This led to the release of the Gold Coast Clear Smokers Club & Gold Coast Clear Summer Edition

What Our Customers Say?

Mega vape store is simply the best. I had looked for baked bars everywhere but couldn't find it. They delivered it directly to my doorstep an on time. Definitely Recommend!!!

John Graham


I was a little bit skeptical about ordering online as it was my first time. But the Mega Vape Store team was so helpful. The guided me through the entire process.

Mason Goldbert


I had being looking for a store that could provide me with different disposables at good retail prices. That's what mega vape store did and more. Most recommended if you are looking to become a retailer

Scott Parker


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